Turn-key projects

In the years 1992-2007 Poltegor-projekt SP. z o.o. provided services related to the supply and projects management and also, construction of facilities on „turn-key” basis, both based on own documentation and that supplied by the Client. Scope of our services included the following:
·         producing necessary project documents,
·         approving project documents by the Client,
·         drawing up timetable for construction,
·         obtaining building permit,
·         selecting subcontractors based on the criteria agreed with the Client,
·         concluding contracts with subcontractors,
·         organizing construction site,
·         providing quality supervision over equipment manufacture and erection processes, and over construction site as well,
·         organizing transportation of structural components to the construction site,
·         supervising construction or erection of equipment,
·         obtaining clearances for operation of constructed facilities as required by law,
·         providing constructed facilities to the Client including the whole site documentation.
Executed Projects:
  1. General Project Management in area of gypsum handling and storage facilities for Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant (FGDP) of 500 MW units in Kozienice Power Plant- execution period 1999-2001.
  2. General Project Management of Spreader Construction ZGOT 11500.100 for Turów Surface Lignite Mine in Bogatynia - Poland - execution period 1996-2000.
  3. Refurbishment and partial retrofit of £ZKS 250.25/31.5 Stacker-cum-Reclaimer in Krakow Heat & Power Plant- Poland - execution period 2002.
  4. Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant for Units Nos. 4–8 for 800 MWe Equivalent Capacity in Kozienice Power Plant  - execution period 2004-2007.
  5. Retrofit of Stack Flue No. 2 in Kozienice Power Station - execution period 2002.
  6. Gypsum handling system from Flue Gas Desulphurization System II to storage in Kozienice Power Plant-Poland - execution period 2006-2007.
  7. Construction and supply of new bucket wheel for Excavator No. 281 in Inden Surface Lignite Mine, Germany - execution period 2003.
  8. „Turn-key” delivery of three (3) automatic lignite sampling stations in P±tnów - Adamów - Konin Power Plant Complex - execution period 2006.
Since 2007, Poltegor-projekt sp. z o.o. is not active on this area.
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Turn-key Projects

Kozienice Power Plant -Poland - flue gas desulphurization plant

Kozienice Power Plant -Poland - flue gas duct

Kozienice Power Plant-Poland - wet stack

Turów Surface Lignite Mine-Poland - Spreader ZGOT 11500.100 (Z47)

Turów Surface Lignite Mine-Poland- tripper car WZGR 2000 and cable drum track WGBK 20.1500 (Z47)

Kraków Heat & Power Plant-Poland - refurbisment of stacker-recklaimer £ZKS 250 25/31,5

Inden Surfarce Lignite Mine-Germany- supply of bucket wheel for excavator with capacity 85.000 t/day

Automatic sampling station - P±tnów Power Plant-Poland


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