Environmental Protection

1. Scope of Services

All activities regarding environmental assessment and protection in mining, power industry and other industries as well.  We provide all services associated with:


1.1. Land Surface and Minerals protection:

  • Physiographic and ecological reports for different area
  • Environmental impact assessments studies
  • Planning and detailed design for reclamation of land deteriorated by human activities, especially reclamation of post-mining terrains and waste disposals surface of different toxicity
  • Designing of protective greenery suiting the original landscape


1.2. Air protection:

  • Studies and research of micro- and topoclimate for different areas
  • Analyses and assessments of air pollution by different point and non-point sources analyses and assessments of air pollution by different point and non-point sources
  • Designs of pollutants reduction and their site supervision
  • Designs of monitoring systems


1.3. Noise control:

  • Measurements of acoustic power of noise sources
  • Measurements and investigation of environmental noise
  • Assessments of industrial plant impact on the noise level in the vicinity
  • Designs of noise suppression


2. An offer:

  • Site measurements
  • Studies and research
  • Analyses and assessments
  • Detailed designs
  • Monitoring systems
  • Site supervision


3. Execution Potential

Poltegor-projekt sp. z o.o. employs experienced environmentalists and engineers specialized in particular areas and measurements, performing comprehensive services. The engineers have powers enabling designs to be made, checked and appraised, thus considerably simplifying and speeding up the process of obtaining necessary official permits and expertises. To this end, computer-aided design software is used, such as AutoCAD, EK-100W, Spalanie, HPZ.


4. The Most Important References:

  • Ten research - demonstration projects for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) dealing with ground water protection against pollution, waste disposals, mine water treatment, toxic land reclamation and coal fired power plants impact on the environment
  • Complex Environmental Protection Reports for Belchatow Lignite Mine, Szczercow Open Pit, Konin Lignite Mine, Adamow Lignite Mine and plants dealing with mining and minerals treatment
  • Reduction of noise penetrating the environment from the main mine head of Jankowice Colliery
  • Designs and construction of noise protection screens (Turow Mine in Poland)
  • Reclamation of abandoned open pits and sterile dumps, industrial waste disposals of different toxicity, municipal landfills, power plant waste disposals, mining waste disposal sites, dumping areas of wastes from chemical plants in: Belchatow, Patnow, Lagisza Power Plants; Belchatow, Adamow, Konin Lignite Mines; Zofiowka, Krupinski, Morcinek, Jastrzebie, Borynia, Moszczenica, Zabrze, Makoszowy, Gliwice, Jankowice Collieries; Wizow, Viscoplast - Wroclaw Chemical Plants; Knurow and numerous municipal landfills.
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Technical and biological reclamations of Patnow Open Pit internal dumping area in Konin Surface Mine

Simulation of noise distribution effected working equipment of overhead surge bin in Turów Surface Lignite Mine.


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