Energy Supply and Distribution, Processes automation, Steering and Visualization

1.Scope of Services

Complementary engineering associated with electric energy supply and distribution, control, measurements, automation and computerization of operations in surface mines, minerals processing plants, on storage yards and for bulk materials handling, ash removal and flue gas desulphurization facilities.

The above relates first of all to the main and auxiliary transformer stations, overhead feeders, power cables, control-signaling and communications, as well as automation equipment and visualization for machinery and equipment, and industrial facilities as well.


2. An offer:

  • basic and detail engineering and designs
  • algorithms for control programs
  • software for control systems
  • detail designs
  • cost estimates

also performing supervision over fabrication and commissioning of the systems.


3. Execution Potential

Poltegor-projekt sp. z o.o. hires staff having experience in all disciplines associated with services listed above. They have powers enabling designs to be made, checked and appraised, thus considerably simplifying and speeding up the process of obtaining permits and expertises required by regulations and enabling supervision to be performed on site. While designing computer-aided design software is used, such as AutoCAD,  ElCad, Win-Bud 2000, Schemat/SE3000.


4. The Most Important References:

  • Spreader ZGOT 11500 along with WZGR2000 Tripper Car and WGBK 30.1500 Cable Truck for Turow Lignite Mine (total installed power 5 MVA)
  • Spreader ZGOT 5500.42 for Belchatow Lignite Mine (1,2 MVA)
  • Spreader ZGOT 8800 for Adamow Lignite Mine ( 3,4 MVA)
  • Limestone and Gypsum handling and storage systems in flue gas desulphurization facilities in Opole, Kozienice, Katowice, Belchatow Power Plants
  • Fully automated, attendance-free spreader and scraper-reclaimer in limestone store-rooms within flue gas desulphurization facilities in Belchatow and Turow Power Plants
  • Stacker-cum-reclaimers, bucket wheel excavators, spreaders, belt conveyors for Turkey, India, Bulgaria, Czech Republic
  • Automated belt conveyors systems in opencast mines Belchatow i Turów (Poland), Kosovo & Drmno (former Yugoslavia), Berzdorf & Jänschwalde (Germany) and Dadri Power Plant (India) altogether about 700 Kms long
  • Low and medium voltage power lines in the lignite mines built for power machinery and mining objects,
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Turn-key Projects

ZGOT 11500.100 Spreader in Turów Open Cast Mine- operator's cabin

Turów Lignite Mine-Poland - switching station for pumping station T5 6 kV/6x400 kW

inner view in switching station 6 kV


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