Power Plants, Heat and Power Generation Plants

1. Scope of Services

Basic and detailed engineering and designs as well as EPC projects for coal fired power plants and heat/power generating plants but especially:

  • coal handling and blending facilities
  • fly ash and bottom ash handling facilities
  • flue gas desulphurization facilities
  • fly ash and FGD wastes management and storage
  • coal recovery from mining waste dumps
  • utilization of fly ash for production of lightweight aggregates and of FGD wastes for manufacturing of gypsum plates


2. An offer:

  • prefeasibility and feasibility studies
  • basic engineering
  • detail designs and workshop drawings
  • complete facilities delivery and construction on "turnkey basis"
  • site supervision


3. Execution Potential

Process engineers and highly skilled designers with many years of experience with various expertise, enabling complex execution of design work and implementation of designs on the "turnkey basis".
While making designs the computer-aided technique is extensively applied using Compaq hardware and software AUTOCAD, ROBOT, Cadraster, RM-win + stal etc.


4. The Most Important References:

  • coal handling plants of capacity ranging from 100 up to 7 000 t/h for power plants and power/ heat generating plants in:
  • Poland: Turow, Belchatow, Kozienice, Polaniec, Wroclaw, Kaweczyn, Gdynia, Pruszkow, Torun, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, Stalowa Wola, Zabrze, Szczecin, Zeran, Katowice;
  • former Yugoslavia: Kosovo, Kostolac, Obrenovac and Kolubara, Tuzla;
  • Coal handling plant in Belchatow Power Station
  • Bulgaria: Bobov Dol;
  • Turkey: Tuncbilek, Yatagan, Yeniköy, Kemerköy;
  • Romania: Deva;
  • Germany: Thierbach, Cottbus;
  • Czech Republic: Chvaletice, Prunerov, Komorany
  • Fly ash handling systems in power plants and heat/power generating plants in:
    • Poland: Turow, Polaniec, Wroclaw, Belchatow, Katowice, and others;
    • former Yugoslavia: Kosovo, Oslomej;
    • Turkey: Yatagan, Yeniköy;
    • Greece: Ptolemais;
    • India: Dadri;
    • Czech Republic: Komorany;
    • and others
  • Flue gas desulphurization facilities in coal fired Power Plants in Poland: Opole, Jaworzno, Laziska, Belchatow, Lagisza,
  • Modular system of coal recovery and waste processing from coal mining waste dumps according to the know-how of RYAN INTERNATIONAL, having capacity of 450 t/h and coal yield of 50 t/h at Smolnica (Poland)
  • Lightweight aggregate production plant on LYTAG know-how, with capacity of 170 000 tons of light aggregate per year, granulation from 0,5 to 12 mm, in Gdansk Heat/Power Generating Plant (Poland).
  • flue gas desulphurization system in Kozienice Power Plant-Poland with company Hitachi-Japan.
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Coal handling plant in Belchatow Power Station

Kozienice Power Plant -Poland - gypsum transportation system

Pątnów II Power Plant -Poland - Coal scaffold bridge

Łaziska Power Plant - gypsum handling plant

Katowice Heat & Power Plant - ash silos


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