Hydrotechnics, Surface Water Protection

1. Scope of Services

Regional hydrological studies, hydrographic network regulation, channels, reservoirs, damp surface water control systems in the mining and dumping areas, and mine water treatment as well.

Furthermore, water management on solid wastes disposal sites especially those from coal mining, coal lignite fired power plants and other industrial plants and also, assessments of the impact of these facilities on surface water environment and quality, as well as designing protection of water against harmful effect of disposed wastes. Also municipal water intakes and water distribution systems.


2. An offer:

  • river, ditch and canal beds relocation and sealing
  • construction of ditches and canals
  • hydrotechnical facilities, such as bridges, culverts, earth dams, embankments, weirs, stages of fall, spillways
  • pumping stations and pipelines
  • storage reservoirs and sedimentation ponds
  • sedimentation ponds with grass filter
  • drainage systems

at each phase of planning and designing, i.e. from pre-feasibility and feasibility studies through the preliminary and detailed designs, up to works supervision on site.


3. Executive Potential

The team consists of hydrologists and hydrotechnical engineers with many years of experience and all required skills. We ensure some patented modern technologies of mine water treatment to remove suspended solids, as well as the grass filter technology developed on the basis of several year's experience and tests made on contracts for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). Our experts are also authors of national standards and guidelines for planning and designing of surface water control facilities and dewatering technologies in opencast mines and on solid waste disposals.
Work is done using computer technology  and AutoCAD and Micro-Station software as well as specialized SURFER, GRAPHER, Mapviewer software.


4. The Most Important References:

  • Sedimentation ponds with grass filter for reduction of suspended solids in mine water (Belchatow Mine - 4 Nos., Konin Mine - 2 Nos. with purification capacity up-to
    26 000 m3/day
  • Stationary pumping stations of capacity up to about Q=250 m3/min (Adamow Mine - 2 Nos., Konin Mine - 6 Nos., Turow Mine - 2 Nos.) and up to H=150 m
  • Shiftable container pumping stations and Q=120 m3/min, H=200 m (Belchatow Mine - 12 Nos.)
  • Recreational water reservoirs in the abandoned open pits (Adamow Mine - 3 Nos., Konin Mine - 3 Nos.)
  • Three projects for US EPA dealing with mine water treatment with use of natural sedimentation, coagulation, ß radiation and grass filters
  • more than 100 drinking water treatment plants and piping systems
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Sedimentation pond with grass filter in Belchatow Surface Mine

Turow Surface Lignite Mine-Poland - pumping station T5


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