Hydrogeology, Dewatering, Ground water Protection

1. Scope of Services

In the case of groundwaters, the scope of our services covers:

  • planning of hydrogeological investigation and adequate reports
  • evaluation of ground water reserves
  • dewatering of mining operations and other engineering constructions.
  • ground water intakes for industrial and municipal purposes.
  • impact of industrial and municipal waste disposals on the ground water quality
  • protection of ground water against harmful effects on human activities
  • monitoring systems

including the designs of drainage wells of different types and character, water intake wells, piezometric tubes, ground water flow modeling etc.


2. An offer:

  • studies
  • analyses, opinions
  • feasibility reports
  • basic and detailed designs
  • graphics
  • site supervision


3. Executive Potential

The hydrogeological team consist of highly skilled staff hydrogeologists and engineers. At each phase of planning and designing, the computer technique is used and the available software enables simulation of ground water seepage processes, optimization of design options, and control of large dewatering systems and water pumping operation. To this end, digital hydrogeological databases with operational features of designed system are applied to determine spacing between wells, time of ground water draw-down, volume of pumped water etc.
The team is fully equipped with computers and working stations. AutoCad and Micro-Station software are used to prepare graphic materials. Forecasts and analyses of the quantitative and qualitative ground water protection are done using the most sophisticated software, including SURFER, GRAPHER, Aquifer Test  and mathematical simulation methods (programs MODFLOW, MT3D).


4. The most important references:

  • successful dewatering systems of surface mines down to a depth of 300 m consisting of up to 500 drainage wells of the yield up to 400 m3 of water per minute (Adamow, Konin, Turow, Belchatow Lignite Mines in Poland and Drmno, Velacevac and others in former Yugoslavia, Huo Ling Ho in China, and others)
  • drilling wells of the yield up to 6 m3/min, depth 400 m and diameter up to 1 500 mm
  • piezometric tubes (up to several hundred numbers in one system) to:
    • control efficiency of dewatering operations
    • determine dewatering impact on the environment
    • monitor migration of pollutants in the aquifers
  • more than 100 groundwater intakes with capacity upto 20 m3/min in Poland
  • designs of aquifers protection against pollution by the waste disposals
  • designs of special measures to protect water against different harmful effects in Poland and former Yugoslavia
  • ground water protection against pollution by coal waste and fly ash disposals for United States Environmental Protection Agency
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Surface mine dewatering scheme using deep drilling wells


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