Opencast Mining

1. Scope of Services

For over sixty years, Poltegor-projekt sp. z o.o. has been specializing in providing studies, engineering, mine planning, designing and consulting for opencast mining of lignite, coal chemical minerals, industrial minerals and back filling sands as well as quarrying and minerals treatment. The comprehensive studies and designs cover management of the whole mining basins and/or single operations as well. The services cover also geological reports, assessments and evaluation of reserves, as well as geomechanics and slopes stability together with recommended protection measures.


2. An offer:

  • studies on mineral deposits and mining regions development
  • minerals resources estimation
  • prefeasibility and feasibility reports
  • expert opinions
  • geological reports
  • geomechanical analyses and slopes stability
  • preliminary and detail mine operations planning

also engineers' supervision and commissioning of projects.


3. Executive Potential

All above mentioned services are provided by the mining team including geologists, mining engineers, geomechanical engineers with many years of experience working on different projects. For multidisciplinary studies and reports, also other experts join the teams. The mining department has suitable computers and workstations. All maps, layouts, calculations and planning are done using MOSS DataMine, Intergraph i/Mine, MicroStation, Minescape, AutoCad, Winmx software, etc.


4. The Most Important References:

  • Belchatow Lignite Mine - second world's biggest lignite open pit - with yearly production of 38,5 million tons of lignite, overburden stripped volume of 114 million m3/year and more than 300 m deep
  • Selective mining of associated minerals in Belchatow Mine (lacustrine chalk, gravels, granite boulders, etc.)
  • Lignite mines in former Yugoslavia, East Germany, China and India
  • Lignite opencast mines in Poland (Turow Mine - 9 million tons/year, Adamow Mine - 5 million tons/year, Konin Mine - 4 open pits producing 15 million tons/year) 40 m to 250 m deep.
  • Lignite opencast mine Barsingsar in India working in  "track & shovel" technology with capacity 2,5 mln ton per year
  • Lignite opencast mine Jayamkondam in India working in "track & shovel" technology with capacity 13,5 mln ton per year )Feasibility Study)In total, more than 100 surface mining operations of different minerals with total production of more than 300 million tons/year have been engineered and designed by Poltegor-projekt Sp. z o.o.
Opencast Mining
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Belchatow Lignite Surface Mine-Poland - production of 38 Mt of lignite per year

Turów Lignite Surface Mine-Poland -production of 9 Mt of lignite per year


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